BioTrust Pro X10 Review – Is this the Key to Healthy Bowels?

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It seems that no matter how hard we try, getting healthy is simply too difficult to actually do. Recent scientific research has demonstrated that a lot of people struggle to lose weight because they suffer from some form of chronic inflammation of their gut. Because of this, they are unable to digest their food properly, storing fat that is not necessary and remaining always slightly hungry. I recently came across a new product from BioTrust, which is Pro X10, which claims to address exactly these problems. Because all BioTrust products come with a one year guarantee, I figured there was nothing wrong with at least giving this product a try.

BioTrust Pro X10 ReviewWho Is BioTrust Nutrition?

BioTrust Nutrition was set up by two friends, Joel and Josh, who are fitness and nutrition experts. They decided to look into supplementation and were horrified at what they found. The majority of products they came across were wholly inefficient, having insufficient ingredient contained in them. Others would have the right levels of ingredients, but would then lack other ingredients to work in synergy in order for it to actually work. More often than not, there was no honesty and openness about what the ingredients actually wore. Most worryingly, however, was the fact that some of the products were actually harmful. Deciding that this was no way to achieve health, Joel and Josh decided to found their own company that would do everything right. This was the birth of BioTrust and they have gone from strength to strength since.

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What Is BioTrust Pro X10?

BioTrust Pro X10 is an advanced formula that offers probiotics and focuses on gastrointestinal healthy. It helps those people with leaky gut syndrome or other types of bowel inflammation, helps people have more regular bowel movements, thereby improving their immune system, and it helps to repair intestines that have been damaged by gluten. As an added benefit, these processes support weight loss efforts, due to the fact that the body is better able to deal with nutrition.

BioTrust NutritionGood and Bad Bacteria

Whenever you enter a grocery store, you will notice that there are so called “probiotic” products on offer. These products are designed to return the balance between the good and bad bacteria in your stomach and guts back to normal. The appropriate balance is nine good bacteria for every one bad bacteria. If his balance is wrong, you can expect to experience a variety of health problems, including:

  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Bloating and gassiness
  • Headaches and general fatigue
  • Cravings

These products, therefore, play an important role in our overall gastrointestinal health. However, the problem is that the majority of these bacteria will have died before they actually arrive at their destination. This is because the stomach and gastrointestinal tract in general is so acidic that the probiotic bacteria will be killed off on their way to their stomach. In fact, it is estimated that only around 6.4% of the necessary probiotic bacteria make it to where they have to go.

BioTrust Pro X10 is different because it uses microencapsulation technology. This means that the tablet is able to survive the passage down through your gastrointestinal tract. It then breaks down in the stomach, which is where it is supposed to be.

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BioTrust x10 factsBioTrust Pro X10 Supplement Facts

The main active ingredient in BioTrust Pro X10 is Actazin. This comes from the kiwi fruit, which reacts to the gut in four ways:

  • It helps to keep you regular through prokinetic enzyme activity.
  • It provides you with the necessary fibers to stop gassiness or bloating.
  • It has all the necessary prebiotics that can help the production of good bacteria.
  • It contains polyphenolics, which work in maintaining your digestive health.

Actazin is also known to regenerate the cells on the lining of the gut. Furthermore, it provides the gut with additional protection, thereby stopping further damage from occurring. As such, Actazin is able to restore the gut to good health.
Besides Actazin, BioTrust Pro X10 also contains:

  • Bacillus subtilis, which works on the immune system and works as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Lactobacillus salivarius, which helps fight bad breath and stops the formation of plaque.
  • S. boulardii, which supports the immune system by increasing blood cell count.

BioTrust always encourages customers to purchase the amount they need, and they also give discount for larger orders. Hence, prices for BioTrust Pro X10 are:

  • $49 for a single bottle, sufficient for those who wish to lose less than 10 pound;
  • $42 per bottle when you purchase three bottles, sufficient for those who wish to lose between 10 and 20 pounds;
  • $34 per bottle when you purchase six bottles, for those who wish to lose more than 20 pounds.

pro x10 reviewedWhat I Liked about BioTrust Pro X10

  • It is a BioTrust product, which means there is transparency about the ingredients and that the product is backed by strong scientific evidence.
  • It comes with microencapsulation technology, so I know that the product will actually get to my stomach.
  • It is, before everything, a health product and the weight loss effects are secondary (albeit very welcome).
  • All BioTrust products come with a free fat burning smoothie recipe book.
  • BioTrust’s customer service is unprecedented, and they offer a one year full money back guarantee, which means you can test the product at no risk to yourself for an extended period of time.

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What I Didn’t Like about the Product

The only thing I could find was that this isn’t the cheapest product on the market. However, if you do purchase multiple bottles, the price is significantly reduced. I am aware of people purchasing bottles together, thereby keeping the price down for instance.

The Verdict

BioTrust, in my eyes, have done it again. BioTrust Pro X10 is an amazing product that focuses specifically on an area of health that many of us our struggling with – the gut. It is designed to make sure it can actually get to work, thanks to the microencapsulation technology. I recommend this product to anybody who believes they may have some gastrointestinal problems and want to lose weight.

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